Problems with my CD recorder

I think I may have figured out the issue with my CD recorder. It seems to fail more when the weather is hot (as in, more than 32° C ambient). The internal case temperature would be in the low to mid 40s then, and this is probably close to the maximum operating temperature for the device (a SONY CD-RW CRX140E).


So, either I confine my CD writing to early in the morings on hot nights, or I evaluate some sort of cooling solution.

“Free as in Coke”

Was thinking about the Free as in Freedom, vs Free as in Beer analogy and I found a problem with the Free as in Beer offering.

Beer is actually already nearly Free as in Freedom, since the process to produce your own beer, and many good recipes are public domain. So maybe the analogy should be “free as in Coke™”. This works better, because someone can give away Coke bottles full of CocaCola™, and this is not the same as being given the secret recipe to make your own Coke.

Just a thought, anyway.