Shifting Interfaces

Once again, Microsoft have drastically changed their Office interface.

While the new interface is very nice eye-candy and probably has some new features that could help (arguably), it represents yet another need to re-train.

The old argument that OpenOffice is too different from MS-Office to be quickly useable has just vanished. OpenOffice is more like MS-Office 97 than MS-Office 2007 will be, and really, who has needed any of the features in Office XP or Office 2003? What were they, again…? Oh yeah, anoying interface changes, and removal of the stupid Paperclip.

I think I’ll be distributing my work documents in PDF, created by OOo now, except where I must absolutely use MSO documents for work. Everthing else will be OOo. Now I just need to convince my wife that it’s not worth continually purchasing MSO, or even having it on our home PC.


2 thoughts on “Shifting Interfaces

  1. Thanks!

    And an update: Recently purchased a new laptop for my wife (a nice Toshiba Satellite A200). It’s running Vista Home Basic, which is liveable (even UAE, which everyone’s complaining about, isn’t too bad, and pretty much like kdesu or sudo on kubuntu) and hasn’t caused trouble, yet.

    Anyway, it came with a trial version of MSO 2007. Heh, one look at that and it was “Ok Mike, show me this OpenOffice thing you keep going on about”…

    Haven’t heard a peep about it since. Sure it’s different from Office XP (which is what she’s used to) but only a little, and there’ve been no complaints. No requests to buy MSO either… Think I just saved myself $AU500!

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