Hacking emacsclient in cygwin

I don’t know why I haven’t ever got around to this, but here—finally—is a hack to have Cygwin only ever start one instance of emacs (especially important in cygwin, because Win32 does not appear to share program texts between processes… )

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Thanks Matt and WordPress crew!

Sterling job, guys.  I didn’t expect WordPress.com to be sending people in on Easter break to fix web servers, but you’ve put it back online quickly and without fuss—for a free service, this is excellent!

Cheers, and I hope you still had a happy Easter break.

Mystical jargon

I’m sure this observation has been made elsewhere, but I can’t find reference to it online.

Have you ever noticed the prolific use of mystical/fantastical words in computer jargon? I’m sure there is a significance, or at least a tongue-in-cheek pointing to the wizardly ways of early and contemporary computer experts. It is funny I suppose, and when you look at how wide-spread it is, it may be revealing of the hacker psych.

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