Microsoft Vista keyboard?

I spotted a “Vista compatable” keyboard in K-Mart the other day, which set me thinking… what would a Vista keyboard actually do that a “non-Vista” keyboard can’t?

Then I Googled for “Microsoft Keyboard Vista” and found this ad from Microsoft (Google Cache).

What the? “Designed to make it easier than ever to control PC media from your desk, your lap–or even from the comfort of your couch”. So… if I use this keyboard’s Play button to try and play media that Vista’s DRM system thinks I shouldn’t be playing, does it administer an electric shock? What if I have the keyboard in my lap 😀  Ouch! No so comfortable now…

Thanks, Microsoft, but … ahem, no thanks!


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Vista keyboard?

  1. Well, I occasionally had the eerie feeling that “ET” here calls home whenever some preprogrammed data point is met. There was a lot more of it while beta and RC testing was in progress – but my sspify new OS knows where the mother ship is, at all times.

    I liken the metaphoric relationship to a big, friendly dog craving attention — I’d rather it were a cat, but we all know how dratted hard THEY are to do anything when not of a mood to do so. If my cat were Vista, the OS would demand a lot of sleep time and direct link to an XBox when ready to play.

    I’m quite happy with Vista, with my upgraded Home Premium further upped to Ultimate that now shepherds two monitors, three printers, an external HD, HSI, WiFi, Surround Sound, six USB ports (one with a four-port booster bar itself), Office 2007, Lotus Smart Suite, and a small horde of s/w that allows me to be “one with the horse” as much as I like. (And this from HP, who told me my SR1730R desktop’s motherboard would never handle Vista.) Keeps me off the streets….

  2. With all that spiffy hardware, I wonder, have you managed to actually play any high-definition media yet? You know, blue-ray or HD-DVD, like it’s supposed to do? Or has it down-graded the quality because it incorrectly thinks you might be playing or copying pirated movies?

    Also, what is HSI? High-Speed Imager? Or, with all these animal analogies, perhaps it’s the Humane Society International? Here’s another animal analogy (sort of): Vista is snake-oil. Stay away.

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