kubuntu – other desktops

Quick note:- I use KDE nearly all the time. But sometimes I have occasion for a minimal desktop (e.g. when I plan to use just one, heavy program like FlightGear and need basically not much more than a window manager and X itself). So an alternate “light” desktop session type is nice to have.

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Kubuntu kaboose

Yes, I’ve joined the ubuntu train, and I’m travelling in the Kubuntu car (the caboose?).

This will be, what, my fifth (or sixth if you count Knoppix, but I never put that on my hard drive) Linux distro since trying out RedHat 5.2 back in 1999. Previous to this I was using openSUSE 10.2 which is not a bad distro either and I always had my eye on SuSE. So, why yet another distro change?

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