Trouble with the New X11 server in Cygwin

I recently upgraded my Cygwin install and noticed that Cygwin has switched it’s X server XWin.exe from the XFree86 codebase to the Xorg codebase. Besides an updated logo, it also has some other side-effects.

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NetBeans 6.5 and Python

NetBeans 6.5 is out! You can run it with the Nimbus look and feel too! There’s also an Early Access plugin for Python. All very nice.

I recently had occasion to play with some Python at work (a small script to do some configurations, and I didn’t want to do them in bash), so I took the time to get all of this set up. It’s all so very easy and not worth writing about. However I thought that the interactive debugger (which is awesome, btw) has a small issue that needs resolving. Mean-time, here’s a work-around.

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