DNS Caching in Ubuntu Desktop

In a previous blog entry I described setting up a caching-only DNS server to speed up hostname resolution on Debian systems.  I’ve recently been playing with Ubuntu and noticed that this hack is not working.

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Registering local DTDs or XML schemas with NetBeans

This post is also available at my personal web site: http://milosophical.me/blog/2009/05/12/registering-local-dtds-or-xml-schemas-with-netbeans.html

The NetBeans online help describes the steps for registering a local DTD or XML file with NetBeans’ DTDs and XML Schemas Manager. It’s succinct and to the point, but for the slow people in the room it’s a bit confusing. So here’s my tip for registering a local DTD file with NetBeans so that you can use NetBeans’ awesome XML validation and completion features.

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