Old MIT Quotes file

I found these quotes on a random blogger’s site, who in turn found this whole file randomly looking through a Terry Pratchett ftp directory on an MIT machine, back in 1995 or 96. He luckily saved a copy and I’m reposting here because I don’t want to lose them to the fickleness of the Net.

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Preserving the programming craft

I posted this reply to an Ask Slashdot:  Do Kids still program? I found myself commenting all over that thread… it must be close to my heart 🙂 Reproducing here, and exploring a little further.

Many of the observations made on Slashdot are right. I wonder what it is that drives me to hack, that is missing from what is covered?  Why do I like to hack, and why would it be passed over by kids these days?  Or would it?

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