Java virtual memory limits again

I think I can finally put this old walnut to bed, having just updated it with some observations made by guru’s of Stack Overflow. Hooray, only took me four years 😛


Windows 7 logon background hack

This is common knowledge, yet strangely every time I rebuild my work PC (which is too often! Gah!) I try and Google the location of Registry keys and folders and always, always get a bum-steer. So here, have another (bum-steer?) version of this hack on the Net.

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Install Emacs24 Snapshot on Debian, Ubuntu and Windows 7

This post is also available at my personal web site:

I just can’t wait for Emacs24 to be released! (I know, it’s in beta and it’ll be officially released Real Soon Now, but my catalyst is Technomancy’s ESK2 which is such an improvement over ESK1, and it needs Emacs 24).

In my last post I had steps to build emacs from source-code. This is worth following for hacker cred, but it soon gets tedious if you have a lot of systems to put emacs on. As pointed out by a few readers, there are some snapshot builds available for different platforms. This post lists steps for installing the pre-built snapshots, for the three operating systems that I use.

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MS-Windows focus-follows-mouse Registry hacks

This post is also available at my personal web site:

I like the “focus follows mouse” window-focussing model from X11, because

  • I don’t have to click on the window, just move the mouse and the window it’s over is focussed
  • I can focus a window without bringing it to the front, which is sometimes handy. If I want it in front, I can click it.

However MS-Windows follows the old-fashioned, Macintosh/Smalltalk style of having users click on a window to focus it for the keyboard. How do you make MS-Windows behave more like X11?

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